Josh's Newest "Passion"

Yes, you are right, there is no need to adjust your computer screen - that is a skateboard.  Brad was a sucker when they went to the store a while back, and bought him a skateboard.  I guess on the way home, Josh wanted to know if he could get on his skateboard and hold on the the back of the car while it was driving!  Um, what?!?  When he got home, that's all he wanted to do was show me his "moves".  After asking him how he learned all of that, he said, "Moooom (all drawn out), from Back to the Future, of course".  Which totally explains the wanting to hitch a ride while holding on to the back of the car part.  He has elbow and knee pads as well, so he is protected.  But he is such a natural, I can't get over it.  Ugh, the sports are just going to get more and more dangerous in this momma's eyes!

His first time on one.

He loves to do stunts.

He loves his skateboard - I have no idea whats on it, geez, I'm getting old :)

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haikitay said...

well at least these wheels are cheaper to replace than the battery and engine operated ones in the background. :0