Josh's Newest "Passion"

Yes, you are right, there is no need to adjust your computer screen - that is a skateboard.  Brad was a sucker when they went to the store a while back, and bought him a skateboard.  I guess on the way home, Josh wanted to know if he could get on his skateboard and hold on the the back of the car while it was driving!  Um, what?!?  When he got home, that's all he wanted to do was show me his "moves".  After asking him how he learned all of that, he said, "Moooom (all drawn out), from Back to the Future, of course".  Which totally explains the wanting to hitch a ride while holding on to the back of the car part.  He has elbow and knee pads as well, so he is protected.  But he is such a natural, I can't get over it.  Ugh, the sports are just going to get more and more dangerous in this momma's eyes!

His first time on one.

He loves to do stunts.

He loves his skateboard - I have no idea whats on it, geez, I'm getting old :)

Josh's 1st Day of Kindergarten

It's still so hard for me to even believe it now (since it is Sept. 27th already), but my little boy is in Kindergarten.  He has been waiting all summer to go to school and Sept. 1st was his very first day.  The first week was a little hectic; we were trying to get used to being on a schedule again.  As well as a little rough - none of Josh's classmates from preschool were in his class this year.  He saw them on the playground at recess and was upset the rest of the day since he didn't understand why his friends could play with him then, but couldn't be in his class.  But I'm happy to report that he has made plenty of new friends, loves his teacher, love music class and the computer lab!  He loves doing homework (ha, only a few more months of that) and loves to do his reading and counting.  We are working on counting up to 100, and he is getting so close!

Maddie misses him when he is at school, but we've been pretty busy ourselves to say the least.  We've been getting together with friends, doing the grocery shopping or running to the bank, laundry, heading to the gym, etc.  As you can see by the pictures, Maddie had to get a backpack too - one more year Little Miss, one more year!

His first day at Kindergarten

Maddie wanted in on the action

Josh with his new Spiderman backpack

I love when she looks at him like this.  So cute!!

Outside of his school

Inside the classroom.  He was really excited!!

By this picture, he was like - ok mom, you can leave now.


The Rest of August

Ok, so for the rest of August I just put up the rest in pictures.  Let's see...we did another day trip up to the woods (always fun).  We went up to Bumping Lake to have lunch and again for me to take pictures.  Maddie also got a big girl bed with princess bedding.  We've been potty training and so far so good.  She is constantly waking up dry from naps and in the morning as well!  We've had a few accidents, but those come with the territory.  Now, we just need to get rid of the binky.  But we will work on that another time.  The big girl bed and potty training is enough for now.  Josh had a school bus round-up, which was basically just riding the school bus for the very first time.  Maddie loved riding it too, I think she thought she was going to school as well.  Josh also had an Open house for Kindergarten, so we went and he got to check out his classroom and see other kids in his class.  We also had professional pictures taken of the kids, which I will put in a different post.  And then it was my birthday at the end of August.  I got to go to lunch with another mom I know with the same birthday as me.  So we went to Red Robin and ate some yummy food.  I also got to sleep in, got a photography book, some new shoes, and we went out to dinner.  Didn't exactly know how that was going to go since we don't go out as a family.  But I think we're turning a corner.  The kids did great (wasn't really worried about Josh as much as I was Maddie) and I didn't have to cook! Woot Woot!

Maddie in her big girl bed.

Her princess bedding

She wants to climb in already!

Maddie loved the bus.

His first time riding a school bus

Bumping Lake

My mushroom find

Pretty flowers

She had to wear her Hello Kitty boots


Day Trip to the Woods

So during the middle of the month (yes, August) we took a trip up to the woods just for the day to look around and have a picnic.  We went up White Pass and had a really good day.  Brad knew of this waterfall that he and his dad had seen when they went snowmobiling last winter.  So that was the plan.  Lunch at a campsite, check - then hike down to the waterfall and of course take some pictures!

Trying out more flower pictures
My little family
The kids look SO small on this stump
Maddie being a goof
South Fork Falls
The Waterfall.  There was so much spray we were drenched
My hubby living the good life